Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Love

This weekend Nick and I got to babysit two of my favorite kitties.
I only have pictures of one because the other one really hates me now. My good friend Bethro and her husband went away and the vindictive kitty, Toby, got crystals in her bladder right before they left. I offered to take care of their two babies because a) I do love them and b) I know it would ease their minds for someone to watch the sick one. Pan, the super friendly cat, was very excited that we were there to visit. She liked to put her face in everything, including the controllers we were using to play the Wii.

  • ate scrumptious pizza, delicious hamburgers and completely satisfying breakfast for dinner
  • pet soft kitties
  • played Super Mario Galaxy for the first time
  • had marshmallows that my dear friend left me for me because she knows my weakness/love
  • bought a desperately needed new bra (I never buy anything for myself!) and wedding book, magazine, and notebook for ideas
  • wandered through Williams-Sonoma getting ideas for a possible future registry
  • watched some of Howl's Moving Castle (great movie!)
  • started knitting another fun red hat!
  • welcomed spring into our house (look at the picture below)
This weekend was pretty quiet, but we had some much needed sleep! Have a happy Monday!


Beth said...

Not vindictive - just special.

You are my HERO. The cats (even Toby) acted so much more normal when we came back. Usually when we go away, even if we have sitters, they are psycho for at least two days. Maybe you should forget this desk job thing and take up pet sitting.

Nick said...

I like the avant-garde angle of our daffodils.

Also, Beth, if you will pay my rent, I will hang out with your cats all day.

Beth said...

I can only pay your rent if you live on my couch.

I meant full-time, professionally. It was not a suggestion to spend time with the ladies permanently, although I can see how anyone would want to - I do.

Angie said...

Pretty flowers! I love browsing through Williams Sonoma :-)