Sunday, March 9, 2008

Green Week 4 and 5

This was my Sunday. Yum.

And thus ends Green Week. I actually experienced some natural green at the end - Nick and I took a stroll through the lovely San Francisco weather down to North Beach, where I got some gelato (Madagascar Vanilla and Nutella flavors) and he picked up some coffee. I brought along some strawberries so I didn't feel too guilty about the gelato.

Anyway, the reason it took me so long to post this is because Blogger apparently hates me. I've been trying for 2 days to post pictures but it wouldn't allow me! Hopefully that won't happen again so I can write more tonight!


Angie said...

Look at that green grass! I can't wait to see that here :-)

raining sheep said...

San Fran is so beautiful, I can't believe how green it is there - Calgary is brown and the river is still frozen...lucky you. The strawberries look yummy.

emily said...

that grass! SO green. and your picnic looks delicious.