Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter - Bethro and Jess style

Yeah. I know. I brought my camera and once again, forgot to get pictures! But it was really good - I promise. Today's posts are all about trusting my judgment. This is all I've got folks (that phrasing is inspired by the lovely Ms. Bethro below).

The Menu:
Frittata (de la Feeding Frenzy family): Pepperoni, Salami, Virginia Ham, Boiled Ham, Mozzarella, and Parsley
Home Fries (de la Mama FF): Red Potatoes, onions, garlic
Sugar Cookies (de la Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and a little bit of me): Pillsbury sugar cookie rod sliced into cookies, Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing and decorations with bunnies and eggs (you can see them in the picture)

Turkey (de la Bethro family): well, it's a turkey, what do you expect here?
Stuffing (de la Nana Bethro): It was really good. You should ask Nana Bethro so someone else knows how to make it before she "goes" (as my Grandma likes to say).
Mashed Potato: (de la Phil family)
Spinach (de la Phil sorta)

+ tons of Mimosas (which you see there), beer, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and Jelly Beans


dianna said...

Can I get a booze credit?...lolbbb

raining sheep said...

Ok, there seems to be a lot of food in your posts lately...hmm! Hungry?

raining sheep said...

Hey Jess, sent you a little note on Ravelry...I really need to get your email. Maybe you can send it to me through Ravelry. Blogger is a bit of a pain sometimes when it comes to the email thing.