Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Face of the Earth

I didn't fall off it... the face of the earth, that is. I promise.

I've been so busy over here trying to see all my friends, pack and find a new job/apt before we move. Originally, I thought I would be able to keep my job and telecommute but orders from higher-up say no new off-site people. My boss is nice enough to give me temp work for him for up to 3 months (my company's max temp contract) but that means I still have to find other work. If you know anything in Philadelphia or telecommuting, let me know! I'm open to anything!

I was just talking to be my good friend Bethro about jobs. Senior year of college, I thought I might want to be a vet and did a lot of research into it. I've also thought of doing public health, public policy or some type of nutrition. All this indecision lead me to standing still and not doing anything to further my knowledge or help me make a choice. Now, it is 2 years later and I realize that going to vet school would change the rest of my life plans (in terms of children, money and location of living). So to make a drastic understatement, I'm stressed. If you have any insights, please feel free to pass them on.

Craftwise, right now I'm working on a Knit-A-Long for Amy March's Slippers. It's been an exercise in patience to say the least! I don't have a picture right now, but I'll post one later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Weekend

Warning - picture heavy post! YAY!

Nick and I had a weekend that makes me really happy and satisfied! (Though as usual, I didn't take nearly enough pictures, even if you think this post shows otherwise)

Friday night - Nick and I headed out into the typically chilly weather of San Francisco and walked down to In and Out which is almost a mile and 1/2 away. Along the way, we were walking down a steep hill when Nick decided that it would be a cool picture. He held the camera at the same angle as the street so it looks like I'm leaning backwards. You can't actually tell how steep it is - but if the cars are parked at 90 degrees on a hill - it is super steep!

Then I stole the camera and took one of the boy to kind of show the angle. I don't know. It was Friday after work - that's my only excuse!

All that walking and silly picture taking really worked up our appetites so we each had burger and fries and split a milkshake. Way too many calories but I pretended that the calcium in the milkshake made up for the fat that I ingested.

I'm pretty sure there was some drug in that delicious cup of ice cream because we couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes and therefore stepped into the street when the light was still red and almost got run over by a car... Well it was a good story to us anyway...
Then went to have coffee in North Beach (which is like a Little Italy for you non-San Francisco people) at our favorite place, Stella Pastry.

Saturday - We wandered down to our favorite cheap sushi joint. On the way, I finally remembered to take a picture of an interesting Nob Hill institution - these lovely ladies.

Creepy, I know. Then we walked back up the hill to Grace Cathedral since we lived 4 blocks from it for 9 months but haven't been in there yet!

We gangsta.

Well, we are something all right.

Then we headed off to a friend's engagement party at her parents which was a lot of fun. I only took 3 pictures total there and two require me to burn your eyes out after you see them (I don't have a double chin in real life! I swear!). So here is one of her parent's pretty tree which matched her fiancee's shirt.Sunday - picked up my favorite relocated East Coasters and went to Napa for a drunken good ole' time
I'm trying to remember what we were all "discussing" here,
though I'm sure I agreed with Bethro.Well that's all folks. Just a million pictures and lots of words!