Sunday, March 30, 2008

101 in 1001

I did indeed steal this idea but I don't think she'll mind.

I've been feeling restless and unfulfilled recently. When Catie posted her 101 things in 1001 days, I knew I should make a list of goals. This is exactly what I needed during all the things changing in my life (job, location of living, and even marital status). I always end up making some of my goals very general but I definitely have some specific ones as well.

Here is the beginning of my list (not in chronological order):
  1. Get a kitty
  2. Buy car with high gas mileage
  3. Have wedding (and try not to stress out in planning)
  4. Set up apartment with real style (not college dorm room style)
  5. Clean said apartment more often
  6. Keep in touch with friends from West Coast.
  7. Learn to speak Italian at least conversationally
  8. Go to Italy with family
  9. Go to fabulous countries (Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy (if not above), Greece)
  10. Get a job I truly enjoy and feel I’m good at
  11. Go skiing in the Poconos
  12. Compromise more with Nick’s DVD selection
  13. Lose 20 pounds
  14. Get to toned body for wedding
  15. Take martial arts
  16. Take a ballet class
  17. Eat more organic foods – produce and meat specifically
  18. Sew a bag
  19. Go on a fabulous honeymoon and RELAX
  20. Move to Philadelphia
  21. Visit West Coast
  22. Go to Los Angeles
  23. Go to Las Vegas again and stay up late
  24. Take more pictures
  25. Buy a photographer's digital camera (for artsy photos)
  26. Go to a Yankees game at old stadium
  27. Go to a Yankees game at new stadium when it opens in 2009
  28. Make a scrapbook of Las Vegas trip
  29. Make a San Francisco scrapbook
  30. Read a book a month
  31. Learn HTML
  32. Volunteer somewhere
  33. Use less paper products
  34. Knit a pair of socks
  35. Figure out what is wrong with my gastrointestinal tract
  36. Learn to do something to destress
That's all I've got for now, but I know more will be popping into my head soon!
I could have put a lot more things down about the wedding but it kind of seemed like cheating...

Well this weekend is a bit busy so I'll have some pictures to post at the end of it! See you then!


Bethro said...

Good goals! When you figure out some of those, especially the last one, let me know.

Angie said...

Yes, great goals :-) I hope you achieve not being stressed with wedding planning. I had a tiny wedding and still was stressed!

Beth said...

I hope your GI tract is ok. I had the worst heartburn OF MY LIFE yesterday. At least I guess that's what it was. It felt like someone was squeezing my neck and the pressure was BAD. It was in waves. Kyle said, "You need to get to a doctor." I'm looking online to see if there's stuff i should eat & stuff to avoid and see how it goes... I don't keep soda in the house, i don't do fast food... but i guess i do eat high sodium or high fat stuff sometimes. Ug. Good luck!