Friday, July 25, 2008

Things Are Finally Coming Around

Hello friends. It has been a long, long time and I'm not going to apologize anymore. I'm just going to post more. How does that sound? Life has taken me pretty far since you last heard from me.

I managed to:
A) Get a job
B) Nick got a job
C) Heard back from the catering place and in the midst of visiting places for the reception
D) Heard back from the cat adoption place and in the midst of visiting kitties

I really don't know how everything I've been worrying about for months came together all at once. It would have been less stressful if it had been stretched out a bit... but I'm definitely not looking the gift horse in the mouth so to say.

Nick started his temporary (but money-supplying) job on Wednesday and I start on August 11th. Since my old job ends on July 31st, I've got a whole week to hopefully hang with our new kitty. We looked at one yesterday and looking at a couple more on Sunday.

This week/weekend has been one of the craziest in a very long time. Monday was the 2nd to last ultimate frisbee game, Tuesday was grocery shopping day, Wednesday was more grocery shopping and Nick's band had practice at our place, Thursday was a kitty visit and a surprise party for our friend's birthday last week, Friday is Nick and my 8 year anniversary!, Saturday is my birthday! and Nick is surprising me with something then we are visiting two wedding reception sites then my MOH and her boyfriend are going out to dinner with us and then I requested a game night because I love my games (whew, big day), Sunday is another kitty day, then Monday is our last frisbee game.

In San Francisco, I made a lot of friends at work and had people to hang out with. Nick's only friend was a friend of both of ours from high school (love you Scott!) Now that we are in Philadelphia, Nick has tons of guy friends and I have my very special MOH but that's it! It is quite a role reversal and we are still trying to get used to it. I have another good friend somewhat nearby but she is in the suburbs so I hope I get to see her more than I have so far!

This post ended up just being a vent/excited post which is very backwards but something I needed. It is just very weird for me to be celebrating my birthday with only one friend. Usually, I'm surrounded by a lot of people but I guess I'm in a bit of a different place in my life now. Our high school friends (for those of you who may not know, Nick and I are high school sweethearts) came down last weekend to all have a mini reunion (except Danny which was sad). I"ll post pictures in the next post. I was very surprised and pleased when my friends brought Black and White Cookies from a NY bakery. They were delicious! I missed the original a lot while in California.

This is a very long post but I figured I should throw in some yellow photos since a lot of my favorite bloggers are involved! I owed at least one picture of the apartment so here is a picture of the living room area. The wall on the left that the bookcase is blocking is yellow as well as the right after the bookcases. Behind the curtains is an outdoor area that we haven't used much yet.
Part of my Nancy Drew collection that I am going to pass onto my kids. And you better believe that if I have 2 boys, they'll be reading it along with all my Babysitters Club!

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