Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Fun

I woke in the morning to breakfast in bed, specifically Toad-In-The-Hole (or as other people call them, Egg in a Basket) and some of my favorite candy - white chocolate and sour patch kids.

Then off to my surprise! My guess was that we were going to the mall and Nick was going to pay for me to go shopping which is a present to me a lot because I always need more clothes. He didn't know my guess. We drove past the highway and Nick said "oh I must be on autopilot, I drove right past the highway" and he pulled into a parking garage entrance. I said, "ok, turn around back up" and he is obviously looking at the sign. I was so confused! He really tricked me! Turns out we were going to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology! Every time we drove past it for the past 2 months, I've been saying, we need to go there, I want to go there! Nick planned it all out and we had a great time.
The exhibits are amazing and contain so much information. The museum didn't have that many visitors in the early morning and it was quiet and soothing. Then we headed to an Italian deli for lunch, having really missed good sandwiches in California. After, we visited two wedding places which you can check out on my other blog. We returned home and hung around until dinner time at a yummy Thai restaurant with Jill and Mike. Afterwards, we came back to our place and played Cranium. And there's the factual description of my birthday!

Some thoughts:
- Air guitar is really hard to guess when someone is using your hands to play and it is already air guitar!
- I really need to read some history type books about Egyptian culture and history. Love it!

I feel like I've been using this blog as a description place holder and I know that isn't what I want it to be. I want to be able to get my thoughts out, sure, but I don't think all in terms of what I did that day! Hopefully, little by little, I'll be able to express more creatively and emotionally!


Catie said...

Hey! Happy birthday/anniversary/1 year countdown to the wedding! Anyway, thought that I would share an easy to collect addresses without having to email with crazy spreadsheets. You can integrate it into the blog or website if you like. And the basic version is free! Check ours in action here:

Bethro said...

Good job, Nick! It's very funny that you guessed something else and then were SO convinced of it.

raining sheep said...

Happy birthday to youuuuuu! Ok, I won't sing...that is your birthday present. Sounds like you had a lovely day and great that you posted about it...BTW, Thai food is like my favorite...we even have an amazing restaurant here. And, I know its amazing because I have been to Thailand and pretty much stuffed my face there all the time.