Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Stress = no brain power or motivation
Stress = gaining another pound this week
Stress = unproductive workdays
Stress = fatigue and leg pain that I call my stress pains
Stress = cranky Jess

Hopefully I'll feel a little more up to this tomorrow...
Still love you all though! Valentine's Day is coming up - here is a little something different for that. My friend's circus troupe from college - Vassar's Barefoot Monkey's - twirling fire.


Anna said...

Jess! I had no idea you had a blog. Does everybody at Thomson (sorry, Cengage) have a blog? So THAT's what you're doing at work! Congrats on the engagement!

Anna said...

Yes, I saw everyone's comments on undeniable style! I actually have seen Firefly...I just finished it. I had a dream about Jayne the other day--he is absolutely my favorite character. I'm really pumped for Serenity because I hear that Simon and Kaylee hook up, and I'm nothing if not a 'shipper at heart. Although I hear that Wash dies, boo hiss.

I am in New York, living in glorious Morningside Heights/Harlem (more Harlem than MH, actually). I really love it--if you're ever in the city, let me know, and we can have a get-together. I'm working in book marketing right now, at an independent book marketing firm, but eventually I'm going to try and move into a publishing house. But right now it's awesome, because I get all these free books pre-publication and I'm doing something I really like--reading blogs--all day. I make no money, though, so...potato, potahto, I guess. How are things at Cengage? I see you were promoted...who's still around that I know? Lauren? Kristina? Give me the scoop!

Lovely to see you on the internets...I'll add your link to my blog so I can visit it often. Cheers!

Jillian said...

stress = jillian needs to take a nap. no, lots of naps. and maybe some benzodiazepines. sigh...


Angie said...

I hope everything is going better for you :-)