Saturday, February 2, 2008

East Coast Loving

Here are some pictures from Christmas of my favorite people. This is a picture heavy post! It is also random because blogger won't let me move my pictures around!

My first kitty- Pepper, she's a bitch... can't you tell?

My mom and me

My dad and me - doing the face we always do every picture
Rusty - my baby catMolly - Nick's eldest niece... soon to be mine as well!
Annika and Toby - Nick's niece and nephew

The Fizzys - that is what my high school friends call ourselves, playing the game that Danny made up - CHEN , best game ever!Annika- cutie pootie!
Grace - the new niece in the family!

Kacy - reading along with her Grammy

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Danny Taft said...

I'll most likely be struck (stricken?) dead by a bolt of lightning if I don't correct this egregious error. I did not invent CHEN, although I wish that I had. That credit goes to the brothers of Phi Delta Theta, New York Beta Chapter, at Union College, Schenectady, NY.

PS CAPTCHA word today? jfugb
C'Mon Alan Turing! That's not even a WORD!