Thursday, January 31, 2008

Third Times a Charm

So this is going to have to be quick because I just did 1 1/2 hours worth of extra work and now I want to go to bed (yeah I know, I'm 23 and its 9:20). A couple of exciting things happened today:
1) Got a haircut - Finally I can take my poor hair out of a ponytail!
2) Got the new work laptop - Currently writing on it. Useful for blogging, not useful for when I feel like I need to do extra work (note the first sentence!)

I don't know if any of my friends have noticed that not only do I write with lists all the time, but I also speak them. When I'm talking I'll say, "well a) blah blah blah and b) blah blah blah". I should really try to catch myself on that, because I'm sure most people don't care about these random points that I think I need to make! I think it is related to the fact that I don't normally think before I speak and as Nick (my fiancee for anyone who is just joining in) just pointed out, I organize my thoughts while I'm speaking them as opposed to ordering them in my head first. Ah well. It makes it interesting right?

I don't have a picture because my desktop computer is slowly breaking down and is a total pain to turn on and off - but check below for the new flickr account I opened. It has those flower pictures (with others) that I've posted for the last 2 days. Good night!

1 comment:

jean said...

1) there's nothing wrong with making or talking in lists,
2) the reason you talk before you speak is because you have so much going on in your brain,the physical world cannot keep up with you
3) love the photos - do you have a link to your Flickr page? I wanna be your friend!