Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grandma's Machine - The First Project

FINALLY! I have had a bunch of fabric, thread, sewing machine, and ideas...but not a lot of confidence. Before Christmas, I decided to stop being a big wuss - IT'S OK TO FAIL! Therefore, this beauty was born for a Christmas present for my mom. I got the tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew! and it was super easy and relatively cheap.

My mom said she has been using it every night on her poor stressed out neck. My dad had surgery at the beginning of January and he wasn't allowed to drive or really move all that much for a long time. For my active, home-fixing dad- this was torture! Hopefully he won't be using this therapy pad, because he had surgery to get rid of the pain in his neck! By the way, I asked my mom to guess where I bought it and she said Bed, Bath and Beyond. When I told her I made it, she was shocked! I guess that means I did a good job!

Another thought about the change in the blog- I was worried about my title. It was perfect for a pure food blog, but now that this is a mixture I was concerned that it would sound weird. Then I thought about the way I think and act. Which is in a frenzy. At all times. So I think this will fit just fine!

I have a couple of crafting ideas on my plate (as well as getting up those food posts I owe).
1) 3/4 done with a cool scarf- I'll have a picture at some point!
2) 1/2 done with a hat- My first hat! I started this weekend after Bethro took me to knitting stores in SF. I really loved Noe Knits. It was cozy and the people were really friendly and helpful. I'll definitely go back there again! We tried to go to Greenwich Yarn but they were closed on Sundays! Boo! I'll try there again too because it is the closest one out of the three we visited.
3) 0% done with a bag- Just in the idea stage. I was planning on using the Quilters Complete Guide to make a patchwork type bag but after seeing the bags made by Artsy-Crafty Babe, I'm thinking of buying one of those patterns and trying my hand at that.
4) 0% done with Las Vegas scrapbook (or any scrapbook for that matter) - My mom bought me some great supplies for Christmas- a paper cutter, picture rounder, and double-sided adhesive tape. I have a decent amount of paper but somehow the pictures are still on the computer - not ordered. That's the first step and hopefully I'll be able to get somewhere next weekend!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures that I've taken. I have a crazy Chinese parchment obsession!


dianna said...

Great picture; love the contrast.

Jacki said...

that pillow is gorgeous!

p.s. tell your boyfriend that the other weekend i was home and watching old vids with the family - found one of me and matt (his bro) and i was challenging him to a pizza eating contest. so funny!