Friday, December 7, 2007


This is an official blogger promise.
I will write at least one post every 48 hours.
Really! I promise this time! I can't guarantee that every post will be extraordinarily interesting but there will at least be one.

I'm about to write a series of posts- inspired by my favorite style maven- Miss Kate! The series was a request from another loyal reader about "How to Stock Your Kitchen". I immediately thought this was a great idea- but does she mean with utensils and gadgets? spices and long term staples? pots and pans? Well, why not answer all of the above! Therefore, you will soon be embarking on an adventure into my wild mind (and the world of internet research that I will perform to write this post) so I hope you find it useful!

In an additional note, my friends at work (which include my muses from the above paragraph) decided to do a holiday cookie exchange. I will be asking for the recipes from each of them and posting them on here for your enjoyment!

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