Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sunshine

Okay, so I've decided Sunday is the best day for me to post a compilation of things I love ala Mrs. French with her "I heart Monday" blog posts.

I hope this will brighten up someone's day before dreary Monday begins. I ended up (not even on purpose) focusing on rooms and design.

I love BSG. This one doesn't fit the rest of the group but this is
what I've really been obsessing over recently. 3 more episodes left!

I love built in bookshelves and wide-planked country wood floors.

I love gorgeous green backsplashes.
I love open kitchens with gray granite, white cabinets, and stainless steel range and hood.
I love country dining tables, vintage chairs, and silver and blue accessories.
I love outdoor beds/hammocks.
I love a driftwood beach feel especially with the ocean out the window.


bethro said...

Home envy?

Kate said...

um. i love these things, too! where did you get your inspiration?