Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Replacement for January 2nd

Oops - apparently I'm really great at keeping my New Year's Resolution already and it was literally one day in. So to make up for it (at least in my mind), I will write a post for each day I missed instead of just skipping it.

January 2nd--

Every year, I struggle for several weeks to write the correct year after the month when I write a date down. Every year except this one. I think last year, more than any, I've been looking to the future. My wedding is this year so I'm often telling vendors and various people about July 25, 2009. I'm also looking into going to school and Nick and I are having a lot of problems organizing our life schedules. He is working on making his band popular in Philadelphia and the school I'd like to attend is in Boston. I'm constantly calculating and recalculating the years of school, timing for children and a house, and the time we spend here with his band. Very complicated and is constantly causing me stress. When I'm stressed personally, I tend to shut down. If I can't get something done right or perfectly, I often won't do it. Unfortunately this also affects my crafting. I have a lot of dreams about what I can do but if I'm worried about how well I can do it, I often avoid it for as long as possible, if not forever. I'm really hoping this year will be a turnaround year for me and I'll be able to take "risks" (though they only seem risks to myself).

On a happy note - I'll leave you with a random blog I love that if you haven't heard of it, you are missing out! It is affectionately called "Dooce".
Heather started out as a casual blogger writing about her work life in LA, her ex-Mormonism and funny stories about people in the celebrity and health conscious filled Pacific city. Even though she didn't write what the name of her company was or any people's actual names, they fired her over it. Her writing style is very funny and open and she got enough readers to support her and her family through ads alone. It has a little something for everyone. She has a great sense of humor, great style, and adorable dogs that she makes jokes about and takes lots of pictures. You just gotta look at it.


Bethro said...

Remember, in your mid-twenties you have decades in front of you to accomplish things. I was really inspired when I went to visit Bob seeing that he and his wife are creating a successful company in retirement.

raining sheep said...

Hey Jess, hope you are doing well. Do NOT stress too much. I love reading Dooce as well. Heather Armstrong is an excellent writer and I love her irreverent style. Happy 2009 by the way.