Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Meme me

That sounds like I said me me me but if you don't know - Meme is a little survey that you fill out and then "tag" other people to partipate. My friends from high school will know how much I love surveys. I was always the one to send it out via email whenever I received one. I've been dying to do a meme, life has just been crazy.

I decided to take a quick break (probably multiple times) from work and fill this one out from one of my favorite bloggers: Pancakemama.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
This is going to make some people feel old but 10 years ago: I was 13 going on 14, I went on a disastrous cruise (my Dad had to leave midway through to go back to work, tropical storm = super rocky boat and bad seasickness, and I had that ship sickness that people get) but I also got my first contacts and my hair highlighted for the first time. I felt so grown up! Then I went back home and my boyfriend at the time didn't notice anything new about me. Broke my little heart/hopefully broke his eardrums when I screamed at him. Ah, high school.

My to-do list/ What I actually did recently
If I were you, I would run screaming now. Here is a slight bit of the list:
1) Sell the rest of my furniture
2) Pack everything I own (-1 carload) and ship to parents
3) Clean entire apartment and load 1 carload into car
4) Drive across entire country
5) Find new apartment
6) Miss Beth and Phil terribly
7) Fly down to SC and drive with parents and UHAUL with my stuff
8) Move into said apartment
9) See awesome friends/family I haven't seen in forever: Jill and Fizzies and Parents!
10) Get a kitty
11) Find a new job
12) Plan a wedding for July 2009

what did I do?
-sell some furniture
-pack and ship some stuff
-visited some cool places in SF before we leave - like Alcatraz and meet up with awesome Cali friends I'll miss

Snacks I enjoy
You don't even know how much I love snacks.
Cookies has been number 1 recently. Super bad for me. But I love chips, candy, you put it in front of me, I'll eat it!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Buy a house in Hawaii and move there and bring my family with me
Travel all over the world (buy a house in Europe too so I could vacation there)
Give money to special charities
Do stuff I enjoy all day and eat healthy, good food and hire a personal trainer to make me exercise!

3 bad habits
Stress. My life is defined by stress. I'm not sure if it just a bad habit anymore - as much as it is a lifestyle. OCD just adds on top of that - but I'm not considering that a bad habit - just my favorite disorder.
Laziness. Lack of exercise is included here, also the whining "Niiiiiick can you get me ____" which is usually about 2 feet from me. I really try not to do this too often... I swear!
Procrastination. I'm an expert at this - once again, another lifestyle. I do it with EVERYTHING in my life. Including this blog.

5 places I've lived

Port Chester, NY
South Salem, NY
Haverford, PA
Palo Alto, CA
San Francisco, CA

5 jobs I've had

Library "page": stocking books, covering books, checking out books, and generally being a know-it-all. Yeah, I loved the Dewey Decimal system and if you had named a number, I could tell you what was in that section. Dork.

Retail: H&M, not entirely sure I actually made money that summer. I think I spent it all on clothes. Definitely made me appreciate the crap that retail people put up with.

Camp Counselor: Love little kids. But these weren't little. They were snobby, bratty, cranky 11-12 year olds at a sports camp, and I still loved them :) Except for the kid who threatened to bring in a knife and stab me, him not so much.

Research Assistant (various times) including: capturing about to mate female frogs - throwing them on ice - bringing back to lab until morning - and then play male mating sounds and see where they hop to; dissecting baby rat brains to get neurons to test - ultimately looking into what causes chronic pain; my senior thesis in which I was working with embryonic fly DNA to create genetic markers

Publishing: Editorial Assistant to Assistant Editor to Associate Technology Project Manager. This is where I am now. Quite an interesting ride.

5 people who have interesting blogs that I'd like to tag
I'll just say anyone who is interested rather than putting the pressure to perform on them :)


Bethro said...

#6= :(

Shan said...

Thanks for your comment re: Kitty Genovese...I had to Google her to find out who she was, and ended up thoroughly SICK.

raining sheep said...

Buy a kitty!!! that is the best part of the post...get one from a rescue place...there are so many little kitties nobody wants. I got mine from the SPCA and she is the best cat.