Monday, August 27, 2007

Wine Country

My parents came to visit and we headed up to Napa to drink some wine. The thing is... I didn't like wine at the time. I know it has great health benefits, but it just made me cringe at the taste. However, when I went to wine country, I found that I actually liked some of it. I'm not surprised; I like the expensive stuff!

We only hit 4 places because we got up there late but that was enough wine for me- hey, I was the driver!

Beringer: Pretty grounds, great wine- my favorite Chardonnay, really great servers, 3 tastings for $5
V. Sattui: Had a deli, wine was ok (cheap tasting but not a lot of wine- we also had a coupon), server was not very nice though!
Robert Mondavi: Gorgeous grounds (picture above with the statue), you can wander around them with your wine tasting ($10 for 2 almost full glasses)
Domaine Chandon: Made me love champagne! $15? for 4 tastings- well worth it!

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Dianna said...

I'm so happy you're back! And the pictures are great.