Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome back to me!

Well. I've been away for quite some time. First there were visitors (=no cooking and definitely no time), then apartment hunting (= no time) and then of course came the moving.

So, although there are boxes all over the floor and I'm not sure where half of my kitchen supplies are, I'm starting up again and I will be much more diligent this time! My friend Jean decided to have a "craft day" at her apartment and since all my scrapbooking materials are packed away comes a post!

Since I obviously haven't cooked anything with the move, here are some sites I find useful/good/interesting.

Hungry Girl: I used this website when I was on Weight Watchers. It has lot of good tips for low fat/low cal foods. You do have to pay attention because it doesn't really take health risks such as cholesterol/sodium into account when recommending foods. It is written by a regular female who has been keeping an eye out for things like this for you and me!

Food Network (Healthy Eating section especially): Food Network in general may not have all healthy eating (any of Paula Dean's stuff that she loads with butter!) but there is a special section for people looking for something that won't clog the arteries. There are tips and articles about what types of food are healthy and in season and what nutrients are needed and where to get them.

Simply Recipes: This is a blog that somehow is lucky enough to be a widgit on iGoogle! She (and her family) try every recipe before she posts one. They aren't all perfectly healthy but she organizes her old posts by types of food including a section on vegetarian recipes and low carb recipes. Otherwise, you'll just have to sort through by hand! Also, she has a monsterous list of other food blogs to refer to for other ideas.

I think I'll stop there- I'll post more every once and a while! I'll leave you with a final article about 6 Superfoods! Thanks for reading along!


jean said...

Thanks for the recommendations--I'll definitely have to check them out! My favorite site has great recipes, but it has even better tips, techniques and excellent product testing / recommendations: and .

DiDeTa said...

Nice recommendations. And to piggy-back on Jean I love America's Test Kitchen! Always a great show to watch and website to explore.